Wallet, cup of coffee and a keyboard sit on a desktop.

How We Manage Our Finances

As Adam and I began looking for our first home a few weeks ago, the topic of finances was at the forefront of our conversations. Throughout this entire process, it’s made me appreciate how we manage our finances and how it’s helped us achieve our financial goals, like buying a[Read more]

Rebecca Otis Leder smiles in her leather jacket.

Featuring Rebecca Leder: Chicago Strategist & Influencer

Rebecca Leder is first and foremost a connector. She helps people, customers, and organizations with a mission to build relationships both online and offline. By day, she is a Marketing Strategist at Salesforce. There, she develops cross-channel, automated digital marketing strategies to support the awareness and adoption of the product[Read more]

Kelly Nash takes a moment to reflect on her therapy while reading a book with glasses nearby on a furry white carpet.

5 Lessons Learned From Going to Therapy

If you don’t know me well enough yet, you should know that I’m a huge advocate of honesty and transparency. I’m the girl all about that ‘real talk,’ if you will. I shared with you my struggles with anxiety, but now I think it’s important to talk about what happened[Read more]

Thank you note and pen sit on a desk with a Mac laptop, candle and pearls.

5 Things to Do After Your Final Job Interview

After you’ve successfully prepared for your interview (tips on how to do that here), you head into your final job interview confident and ready to go. You answer all the interviewer’s questions with poise and ease and before you know it, the interview’s finishing up. Now what? Before you head[Read more]

Kelly Nash lays on a dark brown lounger in a sweater and leg warmers looking off to the side as she holds a coffee cup.

Living with Anxiety and 4 Things To Keep In Mind

Over the last several years, I’ve seen the topic of mental health become more mainstream in the media and in regular conversation. While it’s been a bit worrying, it’s also been eye-opening and refreshing. The level of awareness that has surrounded mental health has been critical for people to understand[Read more]

Kelly Nash prepares for a job interview by creating a 'study guide' on her laptop with a journal and candle on the desk nearby

5 Tips to Kick Ass at Your Job Interview

You landed a job interview – congrats! That is half the battle in obtaining a new job. Through all the job applying and interviews I’ve done in my post-college life, I’ve definitely learned some tricks of the trade to set myself up for success. Careful preparation beforehand is key to[Read more]

Cabbage Beach, Paradise Island.

Paradise Island, Bahamas: A Long Weekend Getaway

I recently had the pleasure to vacay in Paradise Island, Bahamas for the first time and let me tell you, it was the perfect getaway. For us coming from the States, it’s a hop, skip and a jump to the main island but makes you feel farther away from home[Read more]

Friends gather together over a glass of wine but losing those friends could be imminent.

Your Shrinking Friend Circle and Why It’s Okay

I know I’m not alone when I say I’ve lost quite a fair amount of friends over the years. In my wiser years, I’ve realized it’s really nothing personal. Losing friends is a fact of life. Life simply just happens. I’ve always seen my life as chapters of a book,[Read more]