Hey there, I’m Kelly!


My name is Kelly and I’m the gal behind Lipstick & Ink®. I’m based in the suburbs of Chicago where I live with my husband, Adam, and son, James. I received my degree in Advertising at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and started my professional career at a Chicago ad agency. These days, I work as a Role Strategy & Employee Engagement Manager in the tech industry. I also am a career coach, writer, and speaker who aims to help high-achieving women become more confident and accelerate their careers. 

I’m fueled by black coffee, sunshine, candles, fresh flowers, a bold lip, and a really good ink pen. I’m a collector of handwritten notes and cards. I am honest to my core and always stand up for what I believe in. Being in nature gives me life. I seek out new places to travel and new restaurants to try. A quality blazer and pair of jeans is my uniform. Anything that glitters catches my eye and I believe gold is never out of style.


Writing has always been something I love to do. I like to joke from the time I was able to pick up a pen, I’ve considered myself a writer. Growing up, writing came naturally to me and it was something I found great joy in. Unfortunately, as I entered college and my 20s, I discovered that not everyone was on board with me pursuing my passion. I was judged for sitting home and writing on nights my friends went out. I was ridiculed each time I published my writing for being “too emo.” I was defeated when my creative writing professor implied that I wasn’t a strong writer. I let other people negatively influence me and succumbed to doing things I thought I should be doing to the point where I stopped writing. I spent the next six years focused on growing my career and climbing the corporate ladder, quickly forgetting about my writing.

It wasn’t until a blustery Saturday in January 2018 that my passion for writing was reignited. It was a day that forced me to look in the mirror and face a part of myself that I had suppressed for nearly a decade. The part of me who loved to write, who had so much to share, who wanted to impact others with her words. I wanted to awaken that part of myself that had been dormant for so long.

Starting a career blog called to me. It was a chance for me to write about my experiences as a corporate professional, like how I got sucked into periods of burnout, how I discovered my voice and learned to advocate for myself, and how I waited six months to land a job at my dream company. It was also an opportunity for me to share the career advice, resources, and resume tips people naturally already came to me for. I wanted women especially to realize the potential within themselves and to know they had the power to make an impact in their careers and in life.  

It was blending my passion for writing and my knack of career development knowledge that ended up becoming the dual magic behind my blog, Lipstick & Ink®, which launched in February 2018. Since then, L&I® has introduced events, resources, as well as consulting and coaching services. I also officially began writing my first book – a dream I’ve had since I was the age of five.

    On an average day, you’ll find me

    • Writing for the L&I® blog or my book
    • Jotting down ideas or my daily to-do list
    • Researching and planning my next travel adventure
    • Working full-time as a Success Manager in tech
    • Career coaching and consulting
    • With at least three lipsticks in my purse
    • Checking my horoscope (I’m a Virgo Sun, Capricorn Rising, & Cancer Moon)
    • Reading a personal development book
    • Lighting a candle
    • Staying on top of the weather forecast
    • Out for a long walk
    • Traveling to a new place I haven’t been

    A few of my favorite things

    Favorite Thing to do: Travel

    Favorite color: Pink, obviously 

    FAVORITE Book: the nightingale



    FAVORITE GROUP: Backstreet Boys


    Kelly Nash, Career Coach

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