Life Lately: Volume 7 – The Man Behind the Scenes of L&I

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As you may have seen in Lipstick & Ink’s “Shine On” series, I feature empowering women who I’ve come to meet and know in the hopes of inspiring other women. But I’m switching things up because I thought it was time to introduce the man behind the scenes of L&I – my husband, Adam Vedas.

I’ve touched on our relationship in terms of how we manage our finances, how we achieve balance in our marriage and why we’re waiting to have children. But I’ve never really shared just how big of a role Adam plays behind the scenes of Lipstick & Ink. I’m sure we’ve all heard the term “Instagram Husband,” and I’ll joke that he’s mine, but I don’t think that term gives Adam the credit he deserves.

So who is Adam, the man behind L&I, and how does he help me succeed? Find out below!

Adam Vedas stands in a tux.

I had no idea how you were going to react when I asked if could do an interview with you, but I’m so glad you were up for it! Can you share a bit about you for those who don’t know you personally?

Yeah, of course! So, I grew up in Central Illinois in a town called Morton, aka the Pumpkin Capital of the World (that’s actually true – Libby’s main pumpkin plant is in Morton). Growing up, I was pretty much obsessed with sports playing everything from soccer to basketball. I ended up studying Sports Management in college, but decided it wasn’t the right fit for me after I graduated. I instead carved out a nice career in sales in Chicago. I currently am a Regional Sales Director at a family owned IT telecom software company, RedSky Technologies, that specializes in E911 solutions for companies. I’ve been there about six years now and absolutely love what I do.

In my free time, I still love to play sports (including 16 inch softball, soccer and beach volleyball) and work out. I also enjoy watching sports, especially Liverpool from the English Premier League and the Fighting Illini. I also love traveling the world with you, my best friend!

As I’m sure most people know, we’ve been together since 2012 and have established our life together here in Chicago, a place we’ve both come to love!

Kelly Nash and Adam Vedas sit in Lincoln Park, Chicago

You got that right. Speaking of Chicago, what’s your favorite thing to do in the city?

Hands down just walking around and exploring neighborhoods and seeing all of the different architecture around the city. I think Chicago has some of the coolest buildings in the U.S. and I love seeing them up close in person. From Daniel Burnham & John Root and their sons to Sullivan & Adler and William Holabird, we have had some amazing architects shape our city. You don’t see a lot of older buildings like ours in the States, so I love uncovering new ones I have never seen in neighborhoods outside of the downtown area.

Yes, definitely agreed! So can you share what it’s like being the husband of a blogger?

I think it’s great being the hubby of a career blogger. I’ve been asked to help with stuff and it’s helped me learn about new things. I’ve learned how to use our camera, understand on a deeper level the issues that women face and how crazy the blogger world really is. 

But I’d say it’s definitely overall more good than bad. It just makes me feel so proud talking about your blog with friends and family. I see how much hard work you put into it and your business and love seeing the amazing results that have come firsthand. When you told me you wanted to start a blog, I was like ‘Oh okay, that makes sense you can start writing again, it will be a nice little hobby on the side.’ I didn’t realize how much L&I would take off and that you would turn it into an actual business. I look at your blog and feel like you have been doing it for over 10 years, but you really just have started. 

Everyone jokes about having an “Instagram boyfriend” or “Instagram husband” who follows them around and takes their pictures. What’s your thoughts on those terms? Like or dislike it and why?

My name is Adam and I am an Instagram husband. Haha! In all seriousness, I kind of like it, but I think it’s more than just following you around and taking some iPhone photos, while looking annoyed. It’s about supporting your significant other and helping the workload and business along the way. I know you can’t do this alone, especially with your events, so having me there makes me feel like I am on your journey with you.

I also think with the rates that professional photographers charge today, there is no way you can have them all of the time or you’d be broke. Taking your photos and doing day of shoots gives us something to also do together. It’s like having another hobby and I like exploring Chicago and other cities and finding new and cool spots for a quick photo shot. Now if you make me start taking photos of my food at restaurants while it gets cold, I may have to change my stance on this.

Adam Vedas rests and smiles in France.

You know I love food way too much to do that! Speaking of food, what would you say is your favorite go-to restaurant in Chicago if you had to pick?

I think my go to is Siena Tavern, but I am also a huge fan of Gather in Lincoln Square that is a little more unknown.

Both great ones! In our day to day, can you share what you see behind the scenes of L&I that others may not know about? 

The stress and the long hours definitely stick out. I am sure most bloggers can relate to this, but others outside of blogging may not know. Just editing a photo and making an Instagram post can take an hour in itself. Actually thinking of and creating a blog post can also take hours of brainstorming, writing, formatting, editing and adding photos. I just think that there is a never ending to do list. As soon as you catch up on your list of to-do’s, it seems to get multiplied by two. Your to-do list reminds me of that scene in Harry Potter where they are trying to find the horcrux in Bellatrix Lestrange’s Gringotts vault and everything they touch keeps multiplying and nearly drowns them. I am sure most people don’t know that you stay up to 2am most nights and that L&I is essentially a second job. With a second job, comes the additional stress and sometimes anxiety with always having something to do.

That is quite an accurate analogy and exactly how I feel most days. The work never stops, that is very true. But I’m lucky to have YOU because you have been such a big help to me. Can you explain the ways you’ve contributed to L&I since its launch in 2018?

I really don’t think I have done that much to be honest but thanks! But I will say that I have been there for emotional support and have been by your side and supported you since you have started this crazy endeavor. Day to day, I have offered my opinion and thoughts on certain blog posts and helped you brainstorm ideas. I also have taken on a larger role of being your photographer for your blog, social channels and events. I am still a rookie when it comes to photography (what the heck is aperture??), but I am starting to get it and get better! At the end of the day, I have and will always have your back and be there to wipe away a tear and the first to give you a celebratory hug after a big milestone.

Adam stands on Oval Beach in Saugatuck, Michigan

You’re the best. You know how much I appreciate your support! For the other men out there, what advice do you have for them in supporting the women in their lives? 

Your significant other always needs to come first in your life. It’s so important to embrace who they are and what they do in life. Your relationship will only be strengthened by it. What has worked for me is always being an active listener and giving you my full attention to your ups and downs when you need it. I think offering as much help as you can give your significant other goes a long way, whether that’s helping with chores around the house, cooking dinner or even helping them prepare for a job interview. Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

That’s my favorite saying! Switching gears a bit, I always like to ask people who inspires them. Who would that be for you? 

You do first and foremost. Your work ethic and how much you have influenced other women is absolutely amazing. You should be so proud of yourself. I feel like you make me want to be a better person and get the most out of life. My parents have always inspired me too for how hard they have worked and sacrifices they made financially to put my sisters and me through college. Outside of family, I have have recently drawn inspiration from Tyler Trent, who was the Purdue super fan who died from bone cancer. His determination to never give up on life and to encourage cancer research donations that reached over $100,000 is inspiring.

And lastly, what does making your mark mean to you?

To me, making your mark means leaving a footprint in everything that you do, so that it has a lasting impact that can’t be erased. It means giving it your all in such a way that you don’t have any regrets. 

Adam stands on a rock in New Zealand



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