Life Lately: Volume 5 – Oh Hi, 2019

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First off, Happy New Year! I can’t believe we’re already here, another new year. I gotta say though, 2019 sure has thrown me for a loop so far. I wanted to push this post live over a week ago, but my body had other plans. I woke up New Year’s Day with the kind of sore throat that feels like you’re swallowing sandpaper. It quickly transitioned into a full blown cold, leaving my body feeling weak and my brain feeling fuzzy.

At first, I was angry. I had a plan to start the year with a bang and begin checking off things on my to-do list so I could get ahead. I wanted to be goal setting and making a plan like everyone else seemed to be. I desperately wanted to join in on that conversation, especially because I have such a passion for encouraging others to set goals and pursue them. The more days that went by, the more that was being added to my plate – both at work and with Lipstick & Ink. It was then I began to feel overwhelmed and I tried to find the motivation to do all the things I set out to do prior to the new year. But despite everything, I was so tired and so unmotivated to do anything. All I really felt like doing at that point was lay on the couch and binge watch Game of Thrones. So, I did.

I ignored all my to-do’s and let myself be sick. I let myself be okay with just being and not doing. I told myself I didn’t have to do everything I felt like I needed to do. I allowed myself to do nothing and not feel guilty about it. Looking back, I know I got sick because I was running myself into the ground all of December – I was on the go the entire time and not getting enough sleep. And while being sick is never fun, I think it also happened to teach me a lesson. The lesson of rest. Because I got sick, I was forced to slow down, take care of myself and get better to get me back on track. As weird as it sounds, I’m actually a little grateful I got sick so I could just take that time for myself. How sad is that? I have to get sick to remind myself to slow down and rest? Yikes – hopefully I’m not alone in this.

Anyways, I finally feel better physically, which also means I feel better mentally. My ideas are more clear, my motivation is brimming and I’m ready to dive back into my work. It’s also fitting that a year ago today, January 13th, I founded L&I. It was a cold, snowy day and I found myself in my bedroom with a sea of papers all over the room – notes and scribbles of what I wanted to build and create. It was this day a year ago, I decided to put my everything into L&I and what I hoped it would encompass. Today is no different – I again have a sea of papers around me and at least 15 Google docs open. But this year, I have new goals. And I couldn’t think of a better day than today to share what those goals are!

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Build Lipstick & Ink into a Legit Business

This month, I am beginning to work with a career coach, Emily Merrell of Six Degrees Society. I met her through an event I attended last fall and was absolutely captivated with how she’s been able to create and build her own company. I was so inspired that I reached out to her after the event and chatted with her, only to find out she does personal coaching on the side. I jumped at the chance and I can’t wait to begin working with her. Her main goal is to help turn a side hustle into a business, so I couldn’t think of a better person to help me continue building on what I have with L&I. 

Host Meetups

If you missed it, I hosted my first event in Chicago last August. This year, I’m planning to host more events around the city but am focusing more on hosting smaller group meetups. Each meetup will focus around L&I’s theme of “make your mark.” There will be different focuses for each meetup – such as how to make your mark on your finances/wealth, how to make your mark on your career, and how to make your mark on your health, to name a few. I’ll have an expert at each meetup to share some knowledge and then attendees will have the chance to ask questions and contribute to real and honest conversation. I haven’t decided how many meetups I’ll have this year yet, but you’ll definitely know when they will be!

Write a Book

Starting L&I last year was such a dream and made me realize that my true passion lies in writing and helping women discover their potential. I have so many things I want to tell women to help shape them into the women they are meant to be. I could keep separating those thoughts into blog posts, but why not put it into a whole book? Since I was a young girl in grade school, one of my biggest goals has been to write and publish my own book. What I’m envisioning for this book is to touch on many of the themes I write about on the blog – career, wellness and self-care. I am so excited about the possibilities, but I know I have a long road ahead if I want to indeed accomplish this goal of mine.  

Because of this, I won’t be as active on the blog or on social media this year, so I can fully dedicate my time and efforts to my book. I want it to be the best it can be and I’m giving myself plenty of time to do it so I don’t feel any pressure, including my own. I’ll keep you posted on the progress as I’m writing!

Make Time for Those I Care About

In having a full-time job and fairly full-time side hustle, that doesn’t leave a lot of time for socializing and spending time with family and friends. I know the sacrifices I’m making every day, but I also want to be mindful of the time I do make for those I care about. My goal in 2019 is to really dedicate the free time I do have to the people I love and support and who genuinely love and support me in return. These are ultimately the people I want to surround myself with and make time for.

Listen to My Body

If the beginning of this year taught me anything, it’s that I need to listen to my body, especially when it’s run down and needs to rest. I plan to carry this lesson of rest with me throughout 2019 and beyond. I aim to slow myself down before I’m burnt out or before I get sick again!

It’s going to be a crazy hard and challenging year ahead, but I’m ready for it. Are you? What goals do you have for yourself this year? Pink lipstick stain

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