Shine On: Women Who Inspire

Courtney White, Founder & President of Culinary Care.

Featuring Courtney White: Founder & President of Culinary Care

I personally came across Courtney White and Culinary Care a few months back when I attended the organization's biggest charity ...
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Featuring Candice Crane: Founder & CEO of Petal

Featuring Candice Crane: Founder & CEO of Petal

Candice Crane, Founder & CEO of Petal, a delicious rose-flavored water. She is supermom to her two rosy-cheeked girls, wife to ...
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Kenzie smiles amongst trees.

Featuring Kenzie Pittman: Body Positive Advocate & Blogger

I’ve known Kenzie for years because she’s one of my friend’s younger sister. However, I didn’t really get to know ...
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Leah Caplanis sits on an outdoor bench, promoting her brand, SOCIAL Sparkling Wine.

Featuring Leah Caplanis: CEO of SOCIAL Sparkling Wine

Leah Caplanis is the kind of woman who can go through a challenging and debilitating experience but come out stronger ...
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Tamara Edwards looks off into the distance

Featuring Tamara Edwards: Rising PR & Communications Extraordinaire

I've had the pleasure to meet and get to know Tamara Edwards over the last few months. Believe it or ...
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Sarah Kohrt lays on her stomach on a boat dock

Featuring Sarah Kohrt: Entrepreneurial Creative & National Guard First Lieutenant

Sarah Kohrt is one of my oldest and dearest friends. We met in high school and even then, I knew ...
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Brittany smiles off into the distance with Chicago skyscrapers in the background.

Featuring Brittany Anderson: Chicago Career Woman & Go-Getter

I had the pleasure of meeting Brittany Anderson at the University of Illinois, where we were both advertising majors and ...
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Amanda Tiberi smiles and stands against green ivy.

Featuring Amanda Tiberi: Artist, Designer & Entrepreneur

Amanda Tiberi and I first met in college through our sorority and we have fortunately stayed in touch over the ...
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