5 individuals fist bump over a desk full of computers and wires.

5 Steps to Achieve Your Goals

Goals. We all have them, but what does it take to actually accomplish and succeed in those goals? Even though this post is categorized under “Career," this topic of goal setting and achieving can be applicable to any part of your life. We can have career goals, but also personal ...
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A handshake happens between two women following a hot topic negotiation.

How to Effectively Negotiate in Any Situation

For many, negotiating doesn’t come easy, especially for women. According to Forbes, only about 30% of us actually negotiate in a work setting, compared to 46% of men. We tend to accept what is given to us simply because we are too afraid to ask for more. Initiating a negotiation ...
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Thank you note and pen sit on a desk with a Mac laptop, candle and pearls.

5 Things to Do After Your Final Job Interview

After you’ve successfully prepared for your interview (tips on how to do that here), you head into your final job interview confident and ready to go. You answer all the interviewer’s questions with poise and ease and before you know it, the interview’s finishing up. Now what? Before you head ...
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Kelly Nash prepares for a job interview by creating a 'study guide' on her laptop with a journal and candle on the desk nearby

5 Tips to Kick Ass at Your Job Interview

You landed a job interview - congrats! That is half the battle in obtaining a new job. Through all the job applying and interviews I’ve done in my post-college life, I’ve definitely learned some tricks of the trade to set myself up for success. Careful preparation beforehand is key to ...
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Frustrated and unhappy girl sits at her desk with her head in her hands with her laptop computer sitting on the desk with a pair of eyeglasses.

6 Things To Do When You’re Unhappy With Your Job

Since starting Lipstick & Ink, I’ve had numerous people reach out to thank me for writing the type of career content I’m writing. Sadly, those same people have then confided in me about how unhappy they are at their current job or at their company. While I’m not currently at ...
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Kelly Nash writes notes down in a notebook.

5 Secrets to Accelerate Your Career

Advancing in your career can be frustrating and exhausting. Unfortunately, just doing a good job isn’t going to get you noticed and accelerate your career. We live in a world now of having to constantly prove ourselves and it definitely doesn’t stop when it comes to our job performance. We ...
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Woman's hand with red nail polish on her laptop with an Apple iPhone and notebook nearby.

Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Ahh, the comfort zone. A place where we feel cozy and safe with little to no stress. When it comes to being on the job, there’s comfort in sticking to what we know. There’s comfort in surrounding ourselves with people that may be further behind than us or being that ...
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Girl Boss, pen, and black coffee.

How I Secured Each of My Jobs in My Career

I’ve been very fortunate, but smart, when it comes to my career. The thing is, I’ve been told through the years that I’ve gotten “so lucky.” I’d love to think that, but it goes so far beyond that. Nothing has come easy and I’m going to share with you how ...
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Kelly writing in a notebook at a desk smiling.

6 Tips to Help You Land That Promotion

The last two companies I worked at did not do a great job of ensuring career conversations were happening. I usually had to seek out those opportunities in my own way. I also had to get creative on how I approached management in regards to getting promoted. Salesforce, where I ...
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