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Alyssa Bove is such a ray of sunshine. I met her last year at a Chicago event and was immediately captivated not only by the breathtaking jewelry she creates, but how incredibly kind she is. She is someone who inspires me and is the perfect example of the ‘you can do anything you set your mind to.’

Alyssa is the owner and designer of TrendingAbove, a fashion jewelry brand. She is an avid lover of all things glam, interior décor and animals. Her passions lie in styling and design, which shows through in every aspect of her business. Alyssa was born and raised in Pittsburgh and studied architecture at Miami of Ohio. Nowadays, you can find Alyssa and TrendingAbove in Chicago.

Alyssa adds a little glam and sparkle to everything she touches and it shows through in each and every piece she creates. Find out more about TrendingAbove in our interview below!

Alyssa Bove shines in white.

KN: Thanks so much for being a part of this series, Alyssa! Can you share your story with Lipstick & Ink’s readers and explain how TrendingAbove got started?

Alyssa Bove: As a young child I was sketching, painting with watercolors and designing fashion elements. While studying architecture at the Miami University, I started to apply the concepts of architectural design to jewelry and fashion. From there, TrendingAbove was born.

I began selling my jewelry on Etsy and then transitioned to my own website. I traveled around hosting pop-up shops and trunk shows to showcase my jewelry. I then expanded into several boutiques to sell my line. It was in 2017 that I relocated to Chicago to expand TrendingAbove and to feed off the energy Chicago provides.

KN: Chicago has my heart, so I love that you decided to come here! How did you ensure what you wanted to do with TrendingAbove was successful?

AB: Trial and error. Not every attempt or action was successful. I learned to always keep the company in motion. With any startup, there are always setbacks, but the company must keep moving forward!

KN: I love that positive attitude, Alyssa. What would you say you love most about TrendingAbove? And what’s your favorite piece of jewelry that you sell?

AB: I love styling and creating the versatility of TrendingAbove. I enjoy mixing and making combinations from each design. I personally love that TrendingAbove is a buildable jewelry collection – you can add on, layer and stack with each season. My new favorite pieces include our stackable rings. They are striking enough to wear alone yet dainty enough to stack a few.

Stackable necklaces from TrendingAbove

KN: I love the idea of layering different pieces because you can essentially create a new look each time you wear the jewelry! What has been the most rewarding and most challenging part of TrendingAbove?

AB: As an artist, creating and designing bring many rewards. I think the most rewarding aspect has been taking my innermost passion since childhood and transitioning it into a career. However, it was very challenging to start a company when in college at only 21 years old. Since I started it by myself 5 years ago, I aim for perfection in everything I do. One of my biggest challenges has been accepting the failures and moving on along the many journeys.

KN: I can totally relate with the idea of perfection! On top of that, being the owner of a business has to be a lot of work. What keeps you motivated?

AB: There is always a new TrendingAbove goal to run down or a new project to work towards. It keeps the work fresh every day. Designing keeps my passion fulfilled and my creativity feeds my motivation. Also, never underestimate the power of a great smelling candle to help you stay focused during work – it’s always worked for me!

KN: Candles have always worked for me too! Given everything over the years, what would you credit your success to?

AB: I credit my success to perseverance, discipline, grit and determination.

Alyssa stands downtown in Chicago.

KN: Yes, I love that! I think so many women don’t realize how much work goes into being successful. Who inspires you and why?

AB: In the fashion industry, I am inspired by Aimee Song and Negin Mirsalehi. Aimee Song exhibits the blend of interior design and fashion that I strive to obtain. Negin Mirsalehi blends both a hair care line and fashion. The best forms of design are achieved with a blend of the art fields and I admire that.

KN: Beautiful! And how do you handle your work/life balance? Any tips you can share there?

AB: I realized from being an owner, TrendingAbove cannot perform at its best when I am not at my best. Therefore, I make sure to re-energize and re-charge every chance I get. My tip: figure out what re-sets you and use that to strive in your efforts.

KN: That’s so key especially when burnout is so real. So when you do have free time, what are your favorite things to do?

AB: When I am not engaging in creative activities, I frequently run the path along Lake Michigan. I also enjoy grabbing drinks in Old Town and tasting every cheeseburger in Chicago.

KN: Yum! That’s something I can get behind. So, tell me, what does the future of TrendingAbove look like?

AB: TrendingAbove is always adding new designs and expanding the collections. So currently, TrendingAbove is stocking boutiques by entering new states across the United States. The new lines will include styles that pair together and designs that complement each other.

TrendingAbove earrings

KN: How exciting – I can’t wait to see the new products! We’re getting to the end of the interview now, so I want to ask – if you had one piece of advice for women, what would it be?

AB: My top piece of advice: Surround yourself with people who support, inspire, encourage, and challenge you.

KN: I couldn’t agree more. Any parting thoughts or advice?

AB: Stay trending.

If you want to keep in touch with Alyssa and TrendingAbove, you can connect via the channels below:

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