Lipstick & Ink light box signLipstick & Ink® is a Chicago-based organization focused on career content, coaching and consulting services, lip products, and events that empower women to be their most authentic selves and best advocates in work and life. Lipstick & Ink®’s mission is to help women own their power and make their mark so they can advance and drive impact in the workplace and beyond.

Lipstick & Ink® is for the woman who wants to show up as her authentic self. It’s for the woman who aims to advocate for herself and what she deserves. It’s for the woman who hopes to break career stereotypes and glass ceilings. It’s for the woman who strives to make an impact. It’s for the woman who wants to achieve greatness in everything that she does.


There is power in wearing lipstick. A woman wearing lipstick embodies self-confidence. She’s the woman who looks at herself in the mirror and thinks, I am powerful. She’s the woman who isn’t afraid to stand out in a crowd. She’s the woman who chooses courage over fear to accomplish her goals. With just a few swipes of her favorite color, she feels invigorated and ready to own her power and take on whatever comes her way.


There is power in a woman’s story. A woman aware of her story doesn’t let her past define her and chooses how she writes her future chapters. She is the change maker of her story. She seeks out her own individual truth and the unique value she brings. She puts pen to paper what she wants out of life to create vision and clarity. By writing in ink, she commits to making her goals a reality. She’s determined to make an impact and make her mark on the world.

Own Your Power & Make Your Mark.