Welcome to my blog, Lipstick & Ink! I’m Kelly and am so excited you’re here.

Kelly Nash smiles while sitting in a chairI’m based in the beautiful city of Chicago and have been an Illinois girl all of my life. I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and then made the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (I-L-L anyone?!) my treasured home for four wonderful years. I received my bachelor’s degree in Advertising and started my career at a Chicago ad agency. These days, I work full-time in the ad tech industry at Salesforce and currently live in the Roscoe Village neighborhood with my husband, Adam.

I’m fueled by black coffee, sunshine, fresh flowers, a bold lip and pretty pens. I’m a collector and big supporter of handwritten notes. I am honest to my core and always stand up for what I believe in. The fall season gives me life with the crisp air and leaves, warm apple cider and football Sundays. Anything that glitters catches my eye and I believe gold is never out of style.

On an average day…
You’ll find me with at least 3 lipsticks in my purse. I’ll be staying on top of the weather forecast. I’ll be keeping things in order and having a plan in place (hello, Type A). You may find me giving career advice or reviewing resumes for my friends. I’ll be at home or running errands in athleisure. You’ll never see me without earrings on. I may be researching and planning out an itinerary for our next travel destination. I’ll likely only be drinking coffee, wine or water.

Speaking of, I hope you’ll pour a cup of coffee or a glass of wine (or both, cuz #YOLO) and stay awhile while exploring everything that is Lipstick & Ink.

The Idea Behind “Lipstick & Ink”

Lipstick & Ink is a brand that is authentic, classic and timeless, and it aims to connect with the female professional. It’s for the woman who wants to achieve greatness in her career and her life. It’s for the woman who wants to break career stereotypes and barriers. It’s for the woman who wants to put herself first. It’s for the woman who wants to see and travel the world. To do this, Lipstick & Ink encourages her to write out her goals, create a plan, pursue those goals and dreams, and make her mark – one lipstick stain at a time.

I believe in the power of lipstick. A woman wearing lipstick truly embodies self-confidence and empowerment. She’s the woman who looks at herself in the mirror and thinks, I am beautiful. She’s the woman who stands out in a crowd. She’s the woman who knows she can do anything she sets her mind to. With just a few swipes of her favorite color, she feels invigorated and ready to take on the world.

Lipstick & Ink light box sign

& Ink
I’ve always been a firm supporter of writing letters and jotting down thoughts. There’s just something special about putting a pen to paper and writing down whatever comes to mind. I encourage you to pull yourself away from your phone, open a notebook, and grab a pen and write. Write what’s on your mind, write your to-do list, or write a letter to someone you love.

Embrace some of that lipstick and ink in your life Pink lipstick stain