Kelly Nash goes for a short jog on a path in an all black workout outfit.

4 Tips to Have a Successful Exercise Routine

Living a healthy lifestyle comes down to what you’re putting into your body, but also how active you are. As many of us lead very sedentary lives (where my fellow desk job people at?!), it’s more important than ever to take care of our bodies and get them moving. Growing[Read more]

Amanda smiles and stands on a downtown Chicago bridge.

Featuring Amanda Tiberi: Artist, Designer & Entrepreneur

Amanda Tiberi and I first met in college through our sorority and we have fortunately stayed in touch over the years through social media, where I have been able to follow her and watch her grow. Let me just say, I have been so incredibly impressed by how crazy talented[Read more]

Kelly Nash smiles as she wears a black poncho and beige sweater.

25 Things You May Not Know About Me

Through the years, I have enjoyed reading Us Weekly’s “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me.” It’s always been fascinating to me to learn new things I didn’t know about celebrities. Even in the real world, I find myself constantly asking people questions. When I meet someone new especially, I’m[Read more]

Kelly Nash stands and laughs while holding her Tory Burch bag outside next to a tree and fence.

What’s In My Bag At All Times

If you didn’t already know this about me, I’m a pretty proactive person who is always trying to think ahead. For example, on the way out of my condo, I’m constantly thinking of things I need to throw in my purse as I head into work, on a business trip,[Read more]

Strawberries in a bowl of oatmeal on a table.

10 Secrets to Lead a Healthy Diet & Lifestyle

I know I’m probably not alone when I say I’ve always struggled with my weight. Like many girls out there, I feel like I’ve been ‘dieting’ or watching what I eat ever since I was in middle school (yes, seriously). Growing up, because I felt heavier, I constantly found myself[Read more]

A handshake happens between two women following a hot topic negotiation.

How to Effectively Negotiate in Any Situation

For many, negotiating doesn’t come easy, especially for women. According to Forbes, only about 30% of us actually negotiate in a work setting, compared to 46% of men. We tend to accept what is given to us simply because we are too afraid to ask for more. Initiating a negotiation[Read more]